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R-panel is popular because of its versatility and low cost. It’s available in many different colors and it installs fairly quickly.

If you’ve been holding off on having one installed or getting yours properly repaired, don’t. We make owning this durable steel roofing affordable.

R-Panel Metal Roof Installation Phoenix

R-panel metal roofing is an excellent choice for many Phoenix homeowners. It’s great for fighting off severe weather and fending off wind speeds of 140 mph. These roofs are also fire-resistant, which is an essential factor for our customers in the Southwest.

These are great-looking panels you can find available at a fraction of the cost of more premium roofing options. Installing them over your current roof is a possibility in some cases.

This particular style of the metal roof looks great on the entire roof or is added as an accent to complement other parts of your home’s design. Since this type of roof will usually need a bit more maintenance than other options, go with a professional. It’s always smart to have your installation done by a reputable company that won’t leave you high and dry.

From insulation and underlayment to fasteners and the panels themselves, there isn’t anything we can’t do to these roofs. This includes repairs when needed.

R-Panel Roofing Cost

If the name of the game is affordability, look no further than R-panel metal roofing. Because of its time-saving installation process, you’ll typically end up with an overall lower project cost.

Plus, your new roofing can be painted a designer color to help match your home’s overall vibe. Add to that exceptional durability, and the price of this roofing material makes sense. It’s attractive for any homeowner looking for an alternative to shingle or tile roofs.

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