roof repair in Glendale AZNeed a local roof repair in Glendale AZ? We are located nearby and we can get your roofing issues fixed within a day.

When you have roof leaks or roofing damage that needs fixing, Stonecreek Roofing is Trusted, Fast & Local!
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From small roof repairs to the larger heavily damaged ones, our roofing techs are happy to help. We will inspect the areas causing the problems, the provide you with a written estimate on the spot.

Whether you have a tile roof, shingle roof, or even a flat roof, we can fix it back to new. Making sure your roof is watertight is our highest priority.

Roof Repair in Glendale AZ

When you spot roof leaks inside or see possible roof damage outside, don’t procrastinate getting it inspected. If you put off getting a roof repair service in Glendale, AZ to look at it, you increase the likelihood of having to replace it, later.

Water damage from an unmaintained roof can become very expensive if left untreated. Broken, missing or loose shingles on roofs should be repaired or replaced quickly. Aside from the monsoons, wind can carry foreign objects that can compromise your roof.

Fixing and repairing all types of roof over the years has shown us where a lot of roof leaks come from. We are the experts when it comes to all of the following and more:

  • Roof Leak Repairs
  • Storm / Hail Damage Repairs
  • Pipe Boot Leaks
  • Chimney Cap Leaks
  • Skylight Leaks & Damage
  • Replacing Roof Vents
  • Roof Flashing Repairs
  • Missing, Loose Shingles
  • Missing or Broken Tiles

Because we warranty all of our repair work, you can rest easy knowing we fixed your roof right. Our Glendale, AZ roofing repair customers love the fact that we just make the necessary repairs and don’t try to upsell them on a new roof.

That said, if we inspect your roof and the damage is very widespread and severe in scope, you may want to consider filing a claim with your insurance. Although this is a rare occurrence, it does happen.

Cost for Roof Repair

So, you know that you need to get your roof fixed, but how much will it cost you to do it? Relax, it’s more affordable than you think. As of 2021, the average cost for roof repair in Glendale, AZ ranges between $285 and $520 for smaller repairs and $640 to $1,170 for the larger ones. Small roof leak prices are almost always the lowest.

Even so, we thoroughly inspect your roof to find the cause of the leaks first. Then, once we know exactly what it will take to make your roof waterproof again, we provide you with a written price quote to fix it.

The prices quoted to make the needed repairs are almost always based on these three factors:

  1. Type and quantity of roof materials needed to make the repairs.
  2. The size of the total area on your roof that will need fixing.
  3. The time and labor required to complete the maintenance properly.

Even though our prices are fair and reasonable, we know that some customers may need a little help paying for it. So, for repairs that are larger in scope, we provide 100% roof financing. In those instances, however, your homeowners’ insurance may cover the cost.

Our motto is that a quality roof repair is only good if you can afford to have it done. We promise to do everything possible to do just that!

We provide roof repair in Glendale AZ and the entire surrounding areas.

Glendale Arizona is located in the heart of Maricopa County. With well over 60 square miles of land, the population stands just above one-quarter of a million residents. The Arizona canal transformed this arid, desert-like terrain into a fertile oasis.