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Shingle Roofing Replacement

When it comes to shingle roof replacement services, we’re the experts. Stonecreek Roofing in Phoenix, AZ is rated as one of the best in the area for installing shingle roofing, and the BBB has given us an A+ rating, too. What this means is that we can handle any type of roof replacement, even those that are a little unusual. No matter how high of a slope you have or how big your roof is, we can install new asphalt shingles in a fairly short amount of time.

shingle roof replacement company

Shingle Roofing Repair

repair shingle roofing leaksWhat if you don’t need a full replacement? We’re your go-to team for shingle roofing repair, too. Repairing your roof doesn’t take as long as putting in a new one, and it’s much more affordable. Shingle roofs may need repairs after major storms.

One clue that you need to give us a call is if you see a few shingles on the ground around your home. This means that part of your roof is now lacking in protection. If another storm comes through, these weak parts will start to give way, resulting in the need for even more costly repairs.

Shingle Roofing Cost
The average cost of asphalt shingle roofs in Phoenix, AZ ranges between $4.50 per sqft to $6.50 per sqft, depending on grade and warranty. In order to see the actual price you’ll pay, we require a complete written estimate. Shingles don’t cost that much to install, and even though roofs need a large number of them, they still aren’t a major expense. Installing this type of roof is also pretty easy and simple, so it can be done both affordably and quickly. Normally, a new shingle roof can be installed over the course of several days.

There are some houses that don’t fit the normal mold. If your house is one of these, it can take a little longer and be a little more expensive. In general, though, we’ll be in and out as quickly as we can so that you have a roof over your head that you can trust.

We are a professional shingle roofing company in Phoenix AZ and surrounding areas.