roof insurance claimsDo you need help with a roof insurance claim? We make the process easy and stress-free. From major roof damage caused by hail or storms, to other covered events, you have options.

Don’t let your insurance company intimidate you when filing a roofing claim!
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In order to get the most out of your provider, you have to make sure the roofing claim is thorough and complete.

We specialize in helping homeowners who need to use their insurance for roof repairs or roof replacements.

Roofing Insurance Claim Help Arizona

Phoenix roofers who take insuranceWhether your roof sustained damage last night or a few months ago, you have the right to see if your homeowners insurance will cover the cost of the repair or replacement. We help you get it done quickly and efficiently. This goes for shingle roofs and tile roofs too.

Some insurance companies hope you’ll call them first before you know all the ins and outs of filing a claim. No provider is enthusiastic about parting with money, so they’ll often do whatever they can to keep their out-of-pocket expense as low as possible. Know your rights, call us first!

Look, it’s no secret that your home is probably the most important asset you have, and keeping it safe and protected is your roof. Stonecreek Roofing works with every insurance company to help you maintain it.

Our roofing professionals are the experts when it comes to the all too often insurance claim process. No one knows more about correctly identifying storm damage (past and present), claim filing assistance, or insurance adjuster representation than we do.

The mission of our entire roof claim team is to keep you informed and make the entire roof insurance claim process smooth and productive. We even offer roof financing to help you cover the deductible or the entire cost if you don’t have a qualifying roof claim.

What to expect when filing a roof insurance claim.

Knowing what to expect makes all the difference in the world when it comes to using your homeowners’ insurance to file a roofing claim in Arizona. Here are 7 main things you can plan on happening when you choose us to help you:

  1. Complete Roof Inspection. One of our professional roofing techs will inspect your entire roof for legitimate signs of storm damage, then create a report outlining their findings.
  2. File a Roof Claim. Our roofing project manager will reach out to your insurance provider along with you to report the new claim.
  3. Meet the Insurance Adjuster. An insurance company representative will send an authorized adjuster out to your home in order to confirm the damage. We’ll be there with you at that time to ensure everything goes smoothly. We work very well with all the adjusters in the area and help them to verify all damages are covered in the claim we helped you submit.
  4. Review and Adjust the Offer. Your provider will send paperwork outlining what they’ll cover. When you get it, we will dig through it to make sure everything is accounted for.
  5. Claim Revisions. The line items on the Insurance Statement of Loss have to be carefully reviewed. It’s not uncommon for us to send additional invoices to your insurance company to pay for repairs needed to ensure the job gets done properly and with the best roofing materials.
  6. New Roof Installation. Working as close to your schedule as possible, we will make any necessary roof repairs and or install your new roof. Once we’ve completed the work, an insurance representative may return for a final inspection, and payment is remitted.

Storm Damage Roof Claims
If you suspect your roof suffered any kind of storm damage caused by wind or hail, we’re the experts at confirming it and helping with filing an insurance claim. From the initial inspection to meeting with the insurance adjuster, to the work being professionally done; we’ll make sure your provider takes good care of you.

We provide roof insurance claim help to homeowners in Arizona, including: Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Sun City, Glendale, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, and surrounding areas.