standing seam meta roof installs in PhoenixStonecreek Roofing offers standing seam metal roof installation and repairs in Phoenix.

Our professional roofers are highly experienced in maintaining and replacing these durable steel roofs.

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This excellent choice for roofing has incredible longevity. It is quickly becoming a popular choice for homeowners everywhere in Arizona. If you’re ready for a change, let our trusted roofers take care of your next roof replacement.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Cost in Phoenix

While your cost will vary depending on your home’s size, it is almost always affordable. On average, you’ll find the standing seam metal roof cost in Phoenix to be roughly $30,000 to $40,000. Of course, this depends on the square footage of your roof and the style you choose.

These roofs provide serious durability, lasting nearly two to three times as long as non-metal roofing solutions. Metal roofs work very well in harsh weather conditions, making them a wise choice to protect your home from all those hard-to-plan-for Arizona elements.

Your installation prices will depend on several factors. Standing Seam is the top end, followed by R-Panel and corrugated. And while a standing seam metal roof might be the most aesthetic, it’s not always easy to find a company experienced enough to install it properly.

Usually, an investment like this needs professionals you can trust. Work with us on your next metal roofing project, and you’ll be glad you did. Did we mention that we repair these roofs too?

Metal Roof Colors

It might seem plain at first, but standing seam metal roofing is unique in many ways. One of its beauties is that it’s often painted to give it some extra curb appeal.

A standing seam metal roof is available in aluminum, steel, zinc, copper, stainless steel, and other metals and alloys. The colors can branch off into even more exciting options, giving you total control over the look of your home.

You’ll need a professional installation team to walk you through all of the custom options available to you. We’ll provide you with a catalog of popular metal roof colors to pull from.

When it comes time for your check-up, you can trust our contractors to take care of ongoing maintenance. Checking on your roof’s coating while inspecting the roof for any additional problems comes standard.

We provide the most affordable standing seam metal roof services in Phoenix. You’ll love the service you get from our trusted roofing professionals, guaranteed!