How to Hire a Roofer in PhoenixWant to learn how to hire a roofer in Phoenix? We’ve put together a comprehensive list of things to know.

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Top 5 Things To Know Before Hiring A Roofer in Phoenix

When it comes to home maintenance, hiring a roofer can be one of the most important decisions. A well-built roof protects your family but it’s an investment in your home’s value. If you are considering hiring a Phoenix roofer or know someone who is, keep these 5 things in mind before signing any contracts!

#1 Look for a roofing contractor who is licensed and insured. This will ensure that if something should happen to your house, you are protected financially – it’s the law!

#2 Do some research on how much work they have done in Phoenix before hiring them. Look at their portfolio of projects or ask around about what other people think of them (both contractors and homeowners).

#3 Ask any potential contractor for references from previous jobs. Speak with someone who has actually worked with this company before making a decision.

#4 Get more than one estimate! Pricing often varies greatly between different contractors. This is because of variations in overhead costs such as equipment and labor costs.

#5 Check online reviews and their BBB ratings. This will tell you how long they’ve been around and give you peace of mind.

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